Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trend Alert: 2014 Wardrobe Essentials

After the major spring cleaning of your wardrobe, ladies, I bet you're the same as me that there is one and only one thing to do next: making shopping lists! Of course, it's about replenishing our lovely wardrobes for the following seasons to come:)

Beauties, you've got luck today. I'm gonna share my 2014 fashion wardrobe essentials here. As you can see, I'm on a simple and classic trip. All these must-have pieces from PersunMall are of nice quality as well as at a reasonable price. This is an amazing fashion online shop. You can never find and have enough chic pieces here. And here are what I want for a chic 2014.

1.Black leather jacket. I do not think I have to keep on talking here, right? This is in my opinion the jacket that any woman should invest on. And when I say invest , I do seriously mean to invest! If you do some research, you'll find that you can buy come true leather goods for around twice the price of fake ones - in the long run, you'll see that it was worth saving a little more.

2.T-shirts. This is the definition of an essential piece! I've always being in love with Cilene and want to collect one. A simple white or black t-shirt is always all-matching to everything, like boots, casual pants or boy friend jeans. Especially I met this t-shirt at this right moment of time when summer is coming soon after spring. They Look great both in summer with a pair of shorts or during winter underneath a knit. And perfect in a pair of impressive navy blue flats, which I spotted on PersunMall. You can never have too many.

3.Winter Coat. To be frank, I invested no less greenbacks on winter coats, but ended up without one fitting me perfectly well. But this one caught my eyes when I was browsing online without purpose. I just fell in love with the fabric and the color when I first saw it. I also saw a red one which I would love to buy as well. Pity that there is no extra space for it in the pic. Red has always been my favorite color as well. When it comes to picking winter coats, the first thing is definitely about warm. And I also strongly advise choosing a classic color and style. A cut that is straight or slightly belted in black or camel will turn out to be a coat that never goes out of fashion.

4.knitwear. In the form of a sweater or jacket, depending on your personal taste. A dark or light color is nice to be the basic ones while going with a perfect plaid blouse. I'm saying plaid, but any other pattern of your choice will do. I think it's always a beautiful alternative to solid colors, giving an instant lift in an otherwise possibly boring outfit. Unfortunately I have not found the perfect one yet, but a classic plaid shirt and a simple knitwear are definitely a must for fashionistas! 

5.Basic dress. This is whoever may need. A simple basic dress in grey or mostly black could be suitable for almost any occasions. With my little black dress never commit myself , as my grandmother would say ! And it is true ! Choose a cut that you see on worship themselves, which will use for so much more !

6.Jeans. This is one of the departments in which I believe we do not need to spend lots of money to get good deals. If it is true that some Levi jeans pay off in quality. I own a pair and believe in that. This pair is found on PersunMall. With a pair of loose jeans, you can always do whatever you want. Just so comfortable and pleasant all day long!

7.Black pants. As I may say, black pants are also essential to a satisfactory wardrobe. It's so classic and can be worn in a thousand ways. My advice is to go with a slim or straight  fit, as you prefer, because I think you will get more use out of them that way than with the wider cuts.

Thank PersunMall for all these wonderful pieces. As long as you're creative enough and love fashion, all the items above can be combined in completely different ways as well. You can create more casual or more polished outfits... In fact, it's crazy how many different sets you can create with them!

I'm thinking of doing more editions of "wardrobe essentials" - shoes and accessories. Would you like to see it? And how do you like my picks? Looking forward to your lovely comments!

Wish you all a wonderful day! xoxo

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