Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Giveaway's on: Light Up Your Spring at PersunMall

As everything rouses up from sleeping gradually, the love for fashion might also be awaken now. But what to wear in order to catch more eyes, especially the one you have a crush on? Join the elaborately designed neo-spring giveaway at and you will know the answer.
To win the abundant trophies, here are the detailed steps:

1, Like Persunmall's official FB page. Let's go:
2, Follow Persunmall on Pinterest. Let's go:
3, Repin Persunmall's pins on The more pics you repin from PersunMall, the more likely you are to win.
4, Like & share the giveaway on our official Facebook Page. Coment it by submitting the links of your pins from PersunMall.

Giveaway ends on 7th April. There are 4 winners, $50 voucher respectively. Time flies! Whoever start first wins. Whoever has a facebook account and a pinterest account are highly welcomed to join. Ladies who don't have one can register as soon as possible to join as well. 

This is a spring-themed giveaway mainly hosted on Facebook. Share the post on our official Facebook Page could win you more chances. Move now to earn chic spring outfits for free! Have a lovable as well as bright look for the new season.
Good Luck to everybody:)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Shoe" Your Charm And Elegance at PERSUN

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, it's time to collect a pair of all-matching classic shoes for both a comfortable spring as well as a hot summer. When spring arrives, summer is on it's heels. Don't ever have the idea that I will shop the very best and latest version when summer comes. Summer comes without knocks.

For girls who love fashion, it's really smart to prepare early for a hot summer. Now, Persun offers our lovely customers these golden chances to catch a glimpse of a charming and elegant self. Get a pair of the latest new arrivals and see a queen in your mirror.

4 colorful sandals with studs
First of all, here comes the Ankle Strap Sandals with Studs.Combined sweetness with individualized studs, this special designed style has enjoyed great popularity all the time sitewide throughout Persun. Find more in High fashion BlackNude PinkRose Fuchsia.
Get a hotter and wild look in Wide strips or narrow ones? Finding one that flatters you the most is the best. How do you think? Royal Blue Roman Heeled Sandals, Chic Leopard Roman Heeled Sandals, Black Gorgeous Sleek Heeled Sandals and Roman Heeled Sandals in Royal Blue, which one wins more hearts? Wanna find them ? at!
It's known that appropriately controlling the degree of hidden and visible dressing can add a sense of mystery and also more elegance. And it's quite the same with shoes. From conservative elegant beauty to defined curve line of beauty to simple graceful beauty to bold and sexy beauty, which kind do you prefer more?
Besides the high thin heels, there are also durable thick heels accessible at PersunMall. Girls who are not quite used to high thin ones can give these fine looks a shot. Find them now! Elegant Strappy Sandals in Black or Blue And Peep Toe Hollow Sandals in Golden or Silver.
If you happen to have an awesome party or prom to go, you are lucky to meet Persun. Massive serious of sparkling heels are available for picking. Let Persun adds more charm to your perfect Queen look to rock the whole party!
Find the one peculiar to you and your fabulous evening gown
Strappy heels always leave an impression of grace and propriety on people. Fashionable ladies always couldn't say no to the refined and slender look of a pair of Elegant Ankle Strap Sandals. They are a must for a hot summer. Get one pair now or never at Persun!
Well as heels do in adding charm and glamour to your perfect look. Hipsters and fashionmongers also need to leave some rest for there lovely toes. Therefore, a pair of cute and comfortable flats is drastically necessary. Have the flats above won your loves?

More surprises are in production and coming soon...
See you next week! Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get The Perfect Spring Wedding Look at PersunMall

It's told that the most beautiful moment of a girl is when she becomes a bride full of happiness. The most beautiful moment of a woman is when she becomes a mother and loves her family. Therefore, in the greetings of a vivifying spring, be the most eye-catching bride and complete the perfect change of your life.

Massive styles of original wedding gowns are elaborately selected for you at PersunMall. Today, we are gonna take a look at those gorgeous dresses, which are designed for a vibrant and pleasant spring.

Knee length White Gorgeous Halter Sleeveless Beach Wedding ball gown
Strapless White Knee length Lace wedding dress
Bateau Ivory Tea-length Backless Sash Destination Wedding gown
Knee length Ivory Classic Strapless Beach Wedding ball gown
Sleeveless Chic Knee length Flowers Ivory Wedding gown
Knee length Ivory Vintage Sleeveless Empire Flowers Beach Bridal gown
Strapless Modern Knee length Ivory Wedding dress with sash
White Sleeveless Beading Pick up skirt High low wedding dress
Sweetheart White Tea-length Sleeveless Sash Beach wedding dress
Happy Tuesday to dear all:)
To be continued...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New in Preppy Crossbody Bags

Have fun picking newly arrived preppy crossbody bags. No matter it's for a modest uptown look or for a lively academic look, let these lovely bags help you succeed in getting the way you want.

Classical Sweet Hollow Crossbody Bag in Aqua or Watermelon or Sapphire?
Honey Love Series Color Block Chain Bag in Yellow or Pink or Green?
College Sweetheart Series Candy Color Leather Bag in Nude pink or Emerald or Azure?
Rose Patent Leather Handbag with Diamond Design in Rose red or Black or Navy blue?
Imagine Series Sweet Hollow Handbag in Red or Yellow or Blue?
Romantic Sweet Hollow Crossbody Bag in White or Pink or Yellow?
To be continued...
Coming soon...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Collect An One piece dress, Avoid Annoying Matching

In this warm season of spring blossoms everywhere, a gorgeous one-piece dress is definitely a must for a fashionable outing. Click to shop!

Moonbasa Slim 3D Lace Flower Dress In classic Black or refreshing Pink?
Moonbasa Floral Print Vest Dress In cute egg Yellow or nifty sky Blue?
Sleeveless Beads Design Chiffon Dress Two colors in stock for choosing
Moonbasa Flounce Off Shoulder Chiffon Dress Three colors in stock for picking
Moonbasa Elegant Floral Print Vest Dress In green or orange?

Colorful Wide Plaid Wave Draped Dress Or Colorful Big Plaid Wave Draped Dress
Enjoy a warm spring. Be your own stylish Queen.
To be continued...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Enjoy A Brand New PersunMall

PersunMall is wearing a new look for this brand new 2014. If you still have not see how nice PersunMall is getting, you are out of fashion! Everything is blinking and waiting to flattering your lovely cheeks and figure. Collect one or two pieces that will never fad out of fashion into your wardrobe now! Opportunity knocks but once:)
Lovely flirty Dresses♥.  Find your[L O V E]
Casual comfortable Pants♥.  Find your[L O V E]
Hot dynamic Mini-skirts♥.  Find your[L O V E]
Various prismy jewelleries♥.  Find your[L O V E]
Enjoy picking and selecting. More is coming soon...
Happy Monday to dear all beloved customers♥♥

Friday, March 14, 2014

Doll ME Up with PersunMall

How long has it been since your last fantastic party? When is your last date? Have u been missing either the boisterous rock of a hot party or the elegant quietness of an exquisite gathering?

No matter what, an impeccable equipment is always indispensable. Massive newly arrived chic formal dresses and elegant gowns are available right now at Reach out and find the one particularly designed for you now.

Here we have some styles elaborately selected for you to sneak a peek. Chic or Not! We will know after we see!

Color block Mini Sweet 16 Dress with bow and beading details
Sequins High Low Sweetheart Prom dress
Gorgeous One-shoulder Pleated Pageant Dress
Sweetheart Fuchsia tone Grad dress with exquisite beading details
Sheer waist Prom Dress in black with beaded sequins
Sparkling Sequin Full length Prom dress 2014  One shoulder Sequin Evening gown with Court train
[Hello  High-low]White ✿ Aqua  Blue
Pick your favourite
To be continued...