Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spring Preview Giveaway At PersunMall

Spring is coming soon. Girls, cheer up! Here comes the first Giveaway in this a little bit chilly Early February, while everything is beginning to wake up and becomes warm:)

Stay close with and see what surprises we have in store for dear u. Ask me some questions:)

Who can participate?
All the fashionable ladies who have a Facebook account. Besides, you can also share it on facebook(click), twitter(click) or pinterest(click) to increase the chance of being selected.

How to participate?
Click Here to join the HOT giveaway right now! Follow every steps exactly to win the final wonderful prizes. TRY Your Luck now and never:)

What are the prizes?
There are in total three lucky winners to to selected at the end of the Giveaway. Each one will get a $60 voucher to shop on --- Women's fashion paradise.

When does the fantastic Giveaway end?
The first giveaway in this early February will end on 17th February. Move now if you want us to notice u:)

Last but not least importantly, even if you are not lucky enough to get a clinquant $60 voucher at the very least. There is no need to be upset! We still have Actively participate in awards prepared for u.
What are they?
Method 1 Share any products on PersunMall at your social networking sites. If your lovely readers log into our site by your links and become a registered member, several credits will be rewarded automatically by our system.
Method 2 Click to know the details:
Method 3 Click to know the details:

Let PersunMall pay for your beauty! There is no more reason to hesitate! Good Luck to everyone! PersunMall loves u all as always!

Have a lovely Wednesday!:):)


  1. Replies
    1. May your wish come true, sweetpea! Love u:)

  2. The form will not be complete until the second step
    thereafter does not continue, asks to log into facebook even though I already being logged
    I could not finish up the 5 step does not work.
    Sincerely Dalva Rocha