Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Complete Book of Oscar Fashion

In 2005, the Complete Book of Oscar Fashion was published. It displayed the gorgeous of red carpet stars and the unforgettable moment with more than 400 exquisite pictures and extraordinary argument from famous critic Reeve Chase. The book introduced the first Oscar Award, founded in 1992, was as small as a private party. Few people shot. The whole ceremony lasted for only a few minutes. In fact, no one was clear what Janet Gaynor was in at the party. Soon after that in 1930, people can listen to the Oscar on the radio and watched it on TV in 1953. The ceremony that was born for film and star became more and more popular. During World War II In 1944 to 1945, stars had to be in simple. Pretty Ingrid Bergman wore the same evening dress for two Oscar. The dress featured on star-shaped embroidery, which made the ordinary suit more vivid. In 1998, Ingrid Bergman who had a genuine character wore an evening dress which looked like wrapped in the Greek statue. The large amount of pleat, the flowing sleeves and the boyish hair added much color. In the 1970s when hippy fashion prevailed and people pursued nature, she was in a loose green printing evening dress. Even she was no longer young, her charming was still there. In the chapter of the most beautiful evening dress in Oscar, seven wonderful evening dresses were introduced. Among of all the most attractive dressing was Grace Kelly’s dress in the 1955 Oscar when she won the best actress. She was in a blue champagne silk evening dress, matching with white gloves and embroidery bag. The dress material was spun in Paris, which cost 4000 dollars. The book also told us some other special fashion of stars. As required in the role, Betty Davis shaved her hair bald when she played Queen ElizabethⅠin the Virgin Queen. So she wore a gold helmet on which there was a crown when she took part in the 1995 Oscar Award. Cher wore a 2-feet-high ornament for the head made by cock feathers. The ornament became the staple topic of conversation in the next few years and was talk excitedly by tabloids. At the 2000 Oscar Award ceremony, Ercan Patou wore a huge scarf that was in compliance with African traditional culture. Those who sat behind her could not be happy any more. In 1999 Kim Basinger put on a special evening dress that had only one glove and a half coat. Coco Chanel said fashion fade like a flower but classic never grew old. The book showed us many different generations, from the 1930s’ exquisite curve hair, fox shawl, long silk dress to the 1940s’ new visual fashion, the 1950s’ Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe’s elegant. According to the writer, Reeve Chase said the right taste was to keep low profile, be conservative and harmonious. So the 1930s and 1940s that had passed away were pronoun of elegance. While the 1980s meant to be flaunt and vulgar.

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