Friday, August 9, 2013

Open the closet of goddess Hepburn

If a goddess should be chosen in the fashion circle, Audrey Hepburn must to be first. From the Rome Holiday in 1995, nearly her every film would bring a new fashion trend. Even today, Hepburn’s dressing is still bright-colored and dazzling when looking at these old pictures. How this noble, elegant woman had such a great influence? You may find the answer in her closet.
Swing Skirt in Rome Holiday 

In 1952, Hepburn was found by the famous director William – Wheeler who gave her the chance to play leading actress in Rome Holiday, one of the classic movies that brought great success to her. She also won her one and only Oscar Award for best actress in her life with Rome Holiday. What impresses us most is the white shirt and swing skirt in Princess Anne when she was visiting the town of Rome. Actually, the swing skirt was changed from a double-breasted jacket and an oblique cutting circular skirt. But the princess just had the skirt and white shirt on. So on some posters of Rome Holiday, the princess’ skirt was blue, which was actually a mistake, and the skirt was blown.

Givenchy’s classical black and white flower skirt
Some day in the summer of 1953 was important for Hepburn, because she met with Schubert –Givenchy. Hepburn went for Paris to select costume for her second film in which she would be the leading actress. And she chose Givenchy as her designer. Hepburn selected three of Givenchy’s works from the ready-made garments. One was the black and white flower skirt. It was a white, tight and sleeveless long evening dress in Givenchy’s spring and summer fashion show of 1953.
Every part of the dress was embroidered with black velvet flowers, which was breathtakingly beautiful.

Hepburn’s wedding dress
On 25th, September, 1954, Hepburn married actor Mel Feiler who was introduced to Hepburn by Pike, leading actor of Rome Holiday. They fell in love with each other in first sight, soon they decided to marry. Their wedding was held in a little church of Switzerland. Avoiding all the media, they went for honeymoon in a lonely mountain village of Italy. But their marriage only lasted for 14 years. Hepburn’s wedding dress that she had in her first wedding was a white organdy fabric short dress which was designed by Givenchy.

A Sweet girl look
In Sweet Girl that hit the big screen in 1957, Hepburn kept on her corporation with Givenchy. He designed all the costume. When the film was shown, Hepburn became a symbol of fashion. In this film, she had many classical and elegant clothes. And the most impressive one belonged to a low cut sleeveless flower dress which was made by creamy silk fabrics. When Hepburn put on the dress and flied pigeon in front of the fountain, you must be mistaken for an angel falling from heaven. Hepburn had another white suite skirt in the Sweet Girl. It was a silk fabric suit in Givenchy’s spring and summer design of 1956.

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