Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Purses

How could we forget the accessories of the last two color trend actually treat the most irreverent and bold betting that will certainly be the focus of all attention in the visual composition of outfit that create no need to consider whether the tone is part of the remaining clothing assuming the Lemon Zest and Nectarine such an independence that goes beyond simple tonal enrichment and lacks visual dominance and ability cohesion with other textures and tones.


Scholarships for all tastes and styles sizes and geometric prints or the famous patterns claiming different textures abandoning the staid black and betting on spicy and elegant ex-libris of modernity which denotes the Lemon Zest super trend as a reflection of immeasurable possibility at the time of Look creation of what will be the face of the summer!


The hottest color of the card itself will bring the brightness and hue of IT unequivocally desired in summer carried so bold to details and details that will claim their space on the look of any occasion regardless of the formality which predominates radiating charm and confident personality in creativity predates all orange and shades that allow Nectarine harmonize with the class of simple earthy hue.


These two hot colors of spring will be the star of visual imagination for defying combinations of diverse but coherent vibrant personality in doses of irreverence intense disagreement on who incessantly seeks to explore fashion in favor of the trend!


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  1. Love the yellow bags!!!they are so cool for summer!kisses!