Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Grayed Jade

Best known for water-tone green or mint green shade, the color Grayed Jade or Jade Gray was considered the fourth launched by Pantone color trend for the new collection spring-summer 2013 integrating the range of pastel colors that will be immensely as desired trend of temperatures warmer! 

The mint green or simply recognized as Mint corresponds to a very clear tone notes and nuances between colors by soft sugary candy colors known as referring to the characteristic freshness and desired for hot days recipocra passion is itself nourished by constant blogs on street reinforcing the style graciousness with which this hue fell in love fashionista! 

Submerging any visual atmosphere of intense rest and silence this subtle green refers to a sense of romanticism and intensely feminine softness creating a harmonious balance to contemplate outfits suitable for many different occasions whether in discrete formal outfits without losing or giving strength and elegance fresh lightness of tone which is so characteristic in casual situations. 

Despite its condition and soft spring hue are not fooled by their sweetness, the grayed jade allows a huge variety of combinations occupying the lead role in accordance with a coordinated color blocking or soft cover us with their mere existence on small details offering versatility and practicality subsequent unique combinations. 

Just combine it with other pastel shades or ally as white, black, gray or even the earthy tones to obtain a valuation and a visual styling endowed with immense personality. The more daring can even enhance your productions furor in contrasting shades like purple or vibrant coral through the option of choosing the integration with bolder prints or simple as the animal print! Dresses fluids, maxissaias, accessories, jackets, shorts and tops will bring the refreshing tone teal and dominate most devastating fashion editorial without shade for doubt!

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