Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Tender Shoots

Tender Shoots tonality was elected to occupy seat number eight in the IN trend palette for the new collection created by the wonderful Pantone! This color reminds us of the tone lime green with slight different from that Tender Shoots pigment has a clearer and higher brightness and more open expression.


In the fashion world this hue is constantly coupled with a reality that is fantasy and dream, venting an expressive freedom of the soul and the earthly wanderings most intrinsic of the modern woman in a mix of pastel with the intensity of citrus that faithfully represents that feeling.

This will be a trend dictated  has the color for the hottest season of 2013 and delicious to leave a visual light and full of attitude that will contrast beautifully with most other color or IT more diverse range of all Pantone.


Color fresh and intense with power to cause positive reactions it is a hue mutant with respect to its composition intermediate between yellow and green recreating divergent optical illusions offered by the brightness of which is submitted or request its integration with colors that denote one aspect of her existence

Tender Shoots is all 10 shades Pantones elected one of the brighter tones and more attractive visual capability harmonizing perfectly with the more neutral colors bringing together all the most desirable features in a color that will face of this summer!

For more details click the pictures name link in the description picture or visite Persunmall Oficial Site Here.

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