Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #African Violets

By the name we all know what we can expect from the Pantone African Violet and this is the name by which the flower that so commonly nicknamed as violet is called in reality and especially in the world of colors!

Noble, wise and profound honesty associated with it is a striking color but easily assimilated as valid options for a wardrobe original and sophisticated. Because this is not treated has a female character tone or male one is defined as a versatile color integrating the vibrant hues profile and immense brilliance.

Versatile violet blends with bright shades of the same saturation level, regardless of whether they are neutral or citrus colors warmer, as well as several other variants of purple, blue or green, highlighting the freshness of the compositions with a high percentage of white or a more elegant look and atmosphere of classic combinations with darker shades!

This tone has the ability to appeal to different tastes referring to an idea of security and authority coupled with a feeling of relaxation and dreamlike, extremely elegant and surprising is the ability to highlight this soothing hue fresh and light that drowns us in an infinite calm .


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