Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Poppy Red

For the number sixth on Pantone 2013 scale was elected the hue known as Poppy Red and which I was completely unaware the origin of his name that seeks references in elegant spring flower “Poppy Flower”.

Known as the color of passion the Red Poppy presents itself as a very vivid red hue of orange strong traits, particularly lively and cheerful romantic expressing immense personality regardless of their visual variations to lend a contagious energy full of irreverence and sexiness that explores the femininity in a striking and powerful language that will attract many eyes.


This hue contrasts beautifully with light shades of percent less vibrant hue and thus more neutral for harmonious combinations or when integrated with other equally strong colors like orange or marine blue creating bold and daring bets entirely concentrated in a style where the colored poppy red regardless of the number that adorn emerge as the main color.

Of inspiration influenced by Asian culture this color is seductive and sensual tone of exuberance that refers to the Tropical and should be used and abused with dresses and bazers giving primacy to the IT parts of the visual composition to score with tuning and control the visual intensity or you want to bet or on the simple details like belts or bags to transfer some glamor and estravagance to a more relaxed or classic style.

The Pantone says that this shade optimistic promises infect fashion in the near future should admit that his presence was always felt popularized in lipsticks and nail by the elegance of its style and personality with these elements accented now major highlighted regarding the make-up because it is an IT color 2013.

Character in any closet this irreverent tone lets give some visual drama to the outfit is the ideal choice when referring to recover parts of other collections that are no longer being used both determining their impact on the composition of choice that will inevitably attract attention dominant for this piece to be extremely well chosen to highlight its impact and overshadow without harming rather complement and integrate the remaining pieces we already had.

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