Monday, March 18, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Linen

The color trend number five contrasts so completely opposed to the four tones as well as previously suggested complements for its neutrality is not anything new in the existence of this hue palette spring-summer 2013 once its presence is felt as desired between the materialities cooler so dear as to cover us on the hottest days, Linen!


The Linen, Flax or exactly as translated or pale rosé is a sober tone and discreet romantic and highly sophisticated integrated into daily class of democratic and neutral combinations suitable for almost every shade imaginable intensify or withdraw seriousness to it constant.

The workability of this tissue has been amended to permit obtained with the use of a blend with synthetic fibers such as elastane through to achieve a satin texture with more elasticity characteristic maintaining its thin soft and flowing.

Also new are the colors of this natural fiber pastel tones that arises in force this season with various proposals for more vivid shades like red or yellow and others not neglecting the ever present existence tone khaki or beige essence more popular.

Linen will not abandon his noble connotation while tissue that attaches to looks extra elegance you should bet on compositions outfit of more uncompromising focus and lightness that only the linen gives the constitution regardless of the body who wears it looking only at the modeling that is used to better enhance your silhouette.

Feminine and sensual this hue refers to the high temperatures and beach days calling for various combinations affording proposals covering more casual and classic situations that highlight the quality of finishes and linen part in structuring the material or gives occasion devoid of complexity where the linseed losing your personality with class transmits tasteful relaxed without going unnoticed granting a single discreet glamor.

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