Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion Spring-Summer Pantone 2013 - #Monaco Blue

We all know that color is a catalyst capable of promoting the sale, structuring space and unleash the magic when designing any product soo essential to know what colors to use in order to achieve greater success.

Thinking about it every year the Pantone Color Institute announces at the start of fashion week in NY their report on predominant colors for the new season, advancing this year with 10 shades that will be in vogue for most prominently among the most coveted for this spring-summer 2013 Monaco Blue will be the bet which all major brands and designers or fashion creators should succumb in their creations!

The Monaco Blue will be the tone to master the new style trends this season with regard to summer fashion and design, noted for its modern elegance of tone strong and cheerful in monochrome or combinations applied in patterns and prints that resemble porcelain pieces .

The trend Monaco Blue will have the advantage to integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe for their ability to mix with pieces you already have currently in your closet ensuring they will last some extra time in this fashion new season, beyond it is a hue substantially accepted at present on majority of the population wardrobes used and abused daily for being one the most prefered colour in the world.

This is a dense color bearing the name and the charm of a well known European principality combining the tranquility of blue hues with the sobriety of darker tones and highly versatile that matches any skin type and conveys a sense of confidence and stability by creating sophisticated looks!

Finding somewhere between a blue or a light cobalt blue sapphire the Monaco Blue is an intermediate color with something else, a bit darker than the Blue Klein characterized differently and in his own way recalling only a shade close to Denim, scoring their presence by owning a unique luster that highlights on the Blues chart.

This tone will be present in essentially all fashion garments and shoes or accessories, harmoniously combined with neutral colors, citrus, hot or cold tones it's well known for being the favorite election in collections of designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Lela Rose Hervé Léger and Tia Cibani.

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